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Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio
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Juvenile Court Administration

Carla A. Guenthner
Court Administrator

John M. Williams
Administrator of Special Projects

Deanna Nadermann
Director of Behavioral Health Services and Special Projects

Perrie Estridge
Chief Probation Officer

Dwayne R. Bowman
Director of Diversion and Community Programs

Mark Reed
Chief Magistrate

Steven M. Rokich
Director of Finance and IT

Shannon Brocker
Chief Deputy Clerk

Laura W. Tainer
Director of Human Resources

Michael Robison
Director of Public Safety and Community Engagement

Chris Hohmeister
Chief of Security

Kristie L. Davis
Chief of Mediation Services

Brian Bell
Director of Detention

William Allen
Assistant Director of Detention

J. Wayne McFarland
Director of Youth Center Policy and Contract Services

Hamilton County Juvenile Court     •     800 Broadway     •     Cincinnati, Ohio 45202