Juvenile Court Glossary of Terms

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Admission to the facts as stated in the complaint.

A decision by the judge or magistrate that child has committed a delinquent act(s). A finding of guilt.

A hearing to determine whether the allegations of a petition are supported by the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt or by a preponderance of the evidence.

The supervision given to a child for a limited period of time after the child is released from Hillcrest Training School but is under the control of the Court.

Abuse, Neglected, Abandoned.

A decision by the Judge that a child should be sent to a training school.

In the Adult System this is known as:
Sentenced to a secure facility for a period of imprisonment/confinement.

Child Support Enforcement Agency.

An act that if committed by an adult would be called a crime.

A child who is found to have committed an act that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult.

A plea of not-guilty entered, by a child, at the initial hearing.

The temporary care of a child alleged to be delinquent who requires secure custody in a physically restricting facility pending Court disposition or execution of a Court order.

(1) The removal and destruction of court files and records, originals and copies, and the deletion of all index references; 
(2) The reporting to the person of the nature and extent of any information about him transmitted to any other person by the court;
(3) Otherwise insuring that any examination of court files and records in question shall show no record whatever with respect to the person; 
(4) That all rights and privileges are restored, and that the person, the court, and any other person may properly reply that no such record exists, as to any matter expunged.

The Sentence (Court order) to be followed after a child has been adjudicated of an offense. They are:
The Juvenile Court relinquishes jurisdiction to the Adult System. The youth will be treated as an adult.

Commitment to the Ohio Department of Youth Services:
The Department of Youth Services has approximately 10 Institutions around Ohio with varying degree of security. 9 of the institutions are for boys with the remaining institution designed to house girls.

Commitment to a Resident Treatment Facility:
Treatment Facilities are less secure and have variety of specialized programs. Some examples of treatment facilities:  Hillcrest Training School, Children's Home, St. Joe's, and Altercrest.

Hospital Treatment: 
Inpatient or Outpatient

Temporary care while seeking appropriate disposition:
Stay Centers, Lighthouse, Foster Home, Parent Endorsed Person.

Day Treatment:
A non-residential treatment program such as Lighthouse or the Friars Club.

Court Supervision.

Work Detail:
Supervised Community Service.

Driving Suspension:
Usually 30 days full driving privileges suspension or 60 days pleasure driving suspension.
Fines and Court Costs
                Counseling with outside agency
                House Arrest
                Electronic Monitoring

Department of Youth Services, Ohio Juvenile Correction System.

Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services.

Juvenile Correctional or Rehabilitation Center.

Ohio Revised Code. For Ohio Laws www.state.oh.us

The supervision given to a child, for a limited period of time, following the child's release from Ohio Department of Youth Services.

The supervision given to a child, for a limited period of time, while the child is still in the community.

A Violation of Court Order Complaint.

Ohio Department of Youth Services.

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Types of Cases heard by Juvenile Court

      Delinquency  / Unruly cases 

       Traffic Cases
(All juveniles must appear) 

       Dependency  /  Neglect  /  Abuse
(Primary issue:  should the child(ren) be taken away from the parents? Temporarily or Permanently?) 

       Custody / Visitation
(Both parents have equal rights to the child.  Grandparents and unmarried parents come to Juvenile Court for resolution re: custody and visitation) 

(hearing to determine who is the father of a child; setting Monetary Support payments; Contempt Dockets (Enforcement of payment) 

       Adult Jurisdiction
(Failure to Send; Failure to Supervise; Child Endangerment; Contributing to the delinquency or unruliness of a child) 

(Petition for abortion without telling parents; Medical procedures against parents' wishes; Permission to Marry; Mental illness / Mental retardation commitments)

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