Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio
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Hamilton County Juvenile Court



Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio

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Filing for Custody (By a Parent)


Complete Packet

File format

Includes all forms marked with a * below. You may still need to download some of the conditional forms individually. 

If you want Microsoft Word documents which you can type and print, you will have to download each of the forms individually.



File format

- How to prepare a custody or companionship petition*
- How to prepare a service request*

Required forms (all of these forms must always be submitted)

File format

- Checklist for Custody, Companionship and Parenting Issues*
- Custody Petition (Parent)*
- Child Custody Affidavit*
- Personal Identification Form*
- Service Request*
- HCJFS Questionnaire*
- HCJFS Authorization*
- HCSD Authorization*

Conditional forms (only needed in some situations)

File format

- Companionship Petition
     Only to request visitation as an alternative to custody.
- Motion to Waive Filing Fee
     Only if household income is poverty level.
     Proof must be submitted.
- Affidavit for Service By Publication
     Only if address cannot be determined. 
     Additional cost: $100.
- Motion for Emergency Hearing
     Only if there is imminent risk to the child.
     Must submit supporting affidavit with the motion.
- Supporting Affidavit for Motion for Emergency Hearing
     Submit with Motion for Emergency Hearing.
     Should provide justification for emergency request.
- Shared Parenting Plan

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