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Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio
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Court Forms

Many of the required forms for Hamilton County Juvenile Court are available for download.
Click to expand a topic and access the available forms.

Appeals and Objections +
Consent to Marry +
Custody - Filed by Parent +
Custody - Filed by Non-Parent +
Custody - Filed for Passport Purposes +
Companionship (Visitation) +
Custody - Grandparent Power of Attorney +
Custody - Grandparent Caretaker Authorization Affidavit +
Dependency +
Delinquency, Unruly and Traffic +
Registration and Enforcement of Foreign Custody Decree +
Contesting the Validity of Registered Foreign Custody Decree +
Juvenile Protection Orders +
Motions +
Establishing Paternity - Filed by Alleged Father +
Establishing Paternity - Filed by Mother +
Petitition to Set Aside Paternity Acknowledgement +
Record Expungement +
Record Sealing +
Filing for Child Support (New Case) +
Child Support Tools for Attorneys +
General Utility Forms +

Questions regarding forms?

Please call (513) 946-9431 and ask for the Clerk's Office.

Hamilton County Juvenile Court     •     800 Broadway     •     Cincinnati, Ohio 45202